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Private Property Owners


Design Professionals


Consult us for expert advise  before you buy, sell or develop your property - especially regarding the SPLUMA requirements.


Entering into agreements without knowledge of the applicable statutory legislation and development control measures can be very costly - irrespective of the size of the project.


Having a suitable property professional assist you not only provides value to your investment, but also adds peace of mind to the transaction as a whole - especially considering the strict SPLUMA requirements.


Many of our clients are repeat clients that have experienced the benefits and advantages of involving a property professional.

The Land Surveyors is a core members of the project development team and is involved from start to finish - including all aspects relating to planning, statutory / planning consent, surveying and rights in land.


We have successfully provided professional services for many developments that include township establishment, sectional title schemes, infrastructure- and mining development, mapping and specialist witness for legal disputes and investigations, etc.


Consulting services are provided for the implementation of the SPLUMA, Sectional Titles-, Schemes Management- & Community Schemes Ombud Service Acts.

As designs for development projects are becoming more complex we supply high quality survey models to provide the necessary information.


The use of modern surveying equipment and software enables us to provide high density data in a seamless manner.


Services are not restricted to design surveys, but include all aspects associated with property and infrastructure development - also legal investigations into information supply of contractors and other professionals and a quality control function regarding surveys on site.


Typical clients are engineers, architects, quantity surveyors and geotechnical personnel.

The surveyor is a crucial member of any large development project for the provisioning of engineering related survey services during construction.


However, it is not only the large projects that require the services of a geomatics technician and property professional as many challenges are experienced by smaller home builders and contractors.


The setting out of boundaries, structures, and verification of areas and volumes are crucial to building contractors.


Limit your risk and let us assist you.


Estate/Managing Agents

Financial Institutions

Mining Rights

Land surveyors provide crucial services to attorneys and conveyancers regarding the registration of real rights and rights in land.


Specialist services are also provided during disputes and court cases as expert witnesses.


Services include  SPLUMA verification & certification, cadastral / land use right certificates, formal description of properties, layout plans, servitude conditions, areas, volumes & statutory requirements for development.

We provide a comprehensive property development service that includes  pre-development  consultation and remain involved to and beyond registration.

Property owners are often poorly informed regarding the development control restrictions and actual boundaries of their properties.


The SPLUMA Act and resulting Municipal by-law have resulted in many delays in the final transfer of properties in the deeds office as there is a delay in the issuing of SPLUMA certificates by the local municipality.


Services include the verification of boundaries, determination of zoning and land use, supply of color aerial photography, verification of access roads and servitudes, title deed restrictions and provisioning of layout plans for marketing.


Traditionally, Land Surveyors were requested by financial institutions to supply certificates of identification concerning properties that are to be financed.


However, as the financing of properties have become more complex due to varying development structures and layering, we provide more specific information on these developments that also include asset management information.


Local knowledge has proven to be invaluable in legal investigations as we maintain a comprehensive record of development projects.


The formalization, renewing or extension of mining rights require various documents and information regarding land use rights and boundaries.

The SPLUMA act has now also introduced a new requirement, to the already complex matter, by requiring that all mining areas comply to the municipal land use scheme.

Regulation 2(2) plans are prepared for Reconnaissance Permits (Section 13), Prospecting Rights (Section 16), Mining Rights (Section 22), Exploration Rights (Section 79) and Amendments of Rights (Section 102) in terms of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act 2002, Act 28 of 2002.


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ALN Land Surveyors is a private Geomatics Practice based in Lydenburg - Mpumalanga

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